The El Dorado restaurant, a corner of magic and tradition on the seashore, became the idyllic setting for Paige and Michael’s union. Bathed in a sublime twilight, the lovers toasted with loved ones in a party that will last in memory like an enchanted story.

Paige & Michael’s Playa Sol photographs capture the essence of what makes Puerto Vallarta the perfect place for love under blue skies. Known for its vibrant beauty and warm hospitality, this destination provides the ideal backdrop for moments that will be remembered for a lifetime.



The sunlight, reflecting on the crystal clear waters, creates a dreamlike atmosphere, ideal for couples looking to immortalize their passion and connection.

Playa Sol, with its soft sand and stunning views, is more than just a setting; is an active participant in the love stories told through each photograph. Paige & Michael’s images not only capture their love for each other, but also the magic and charm of Puerto Vallarta.


The composition of these photographs, combining exuberant nature with intimate moments, speaks of the talent of capturing the essence of the moment, making each image a window to shared happiness.

These photographs serve as a reminder that love, like sunsets over the Pacific, is vibrant, changing, and eternally beautiful. Puerto Vallarta, with its blue skies, offers the perfect setting where love feels more intense, and where each photograph becomes a visual poem. Paige & Michael, through their images in Playa Sol, invite us to dream of days full of love, sun and the unmatched beauty of this corner of the world.

In Puerto Vallarta, under the captivating mantle of a sky that slowly turned into shades of pink and orange, a couple found the perfect setting to consecrate their union. This destination, known for its unparalleled natural beauty and intoxicating atmosphere, became the Eden where they decided to seal their love. The sea breeze, soft and constant, danced around them, as if nature itself were celebrating this union.

As the sun set, the horizon transformed into a living canvas, painting the beginning of their life together with brushstrokes of light and darkness. The sea, eternal witness of countless secrets and promises, welcomed the couple in its lap, promising them a future full of adventures and whispers shared under the moon. The sand, soft and warm, became the altar where their bare feet met, intertwining their destinies.